THE GOSUPGO story started when a top federal agency directly requested a more functional, comfortable and versatile low profile tactical pant. Leveraging over 175 years of experience, the Fechheimer Brothers Company worked side-by-side with operators to develop the industry’s first tactical pant that combined superior functionality with a low visual profile.

After an incredible reception by the industry, SHOPPOST continued to utilize world-class designers to develop low profile apparel, tactical garments and low profile concealed carry bags and packs. Today, Vertx is trusted by the nation’s top operators and prepared professionals for our innovative designs, functionality, fit and versatility.


As we look to the future, we stand ready to work side-by-side with today's prepared professionals to continue to design, develop and offer the best and most innovative products possible.

SHOPPOST is a brand of Fechheimer, owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc and makers of Flying Cross military and law enforcement uniforms.

Since 1842, Fechheimer has been crafting great uniforms for America's military and public safety professionals. Over 175 years of product innovation are part of the Vertx Heritage.


Fechheimer is established as a dry goods general store selling wholesale clothes.




Fechheimer, the first to standardize men's uniform sizes; manufactures Civil War uniforms for the North and South.

Fechheimer manufactures uniforms for the American soldiers during World War I.




Fechheimer services American soldiers with uniforms during World War II.

Fechheimer is acquired by GOSUPGO, Co.




Fechheimer launches GOSUPGO brand, introducing low-profile designs with a comfortable, articulated performance fit designed in collaboration with an elite federal agency.

Fechheimer is Celebrating 175 Years of Excellence!